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A criminal offense of any matter needs the legal advice of a professional criminal defense lawyer in order to protect your rights and bring forth the best possible outcome of the case. Our experienced attorneys can explain you the rights throughout the trial and make you understand the differences between dismissal or reduced plea bargain and a jail sentence.

Being charged of a crime whether it may be major or minor is a serious case. A person with criminal records can face severe punishments and consequences leading him to a jail sentence, loss of relationship and loss of future job prospects. A person with a criminal record is put off as a red flag and hence you need the best help possible.

At Overload Criminal Defense, our attorneys have experiences in handling all sorts of crimes including drunken driving, drug crimes, white collar crime that usually takes place in commercial or business environment, speeding and moving violations including those caught without a driving license and misdemeanors that include petty theft, vandalism and prostitution offenses. Our professional attorneys will give you all the advice you need and help you in your most difficult times.

We can also take up cases where felonies are included. The major crimes that includes rapes, murders, drug trafficking, burglary, child abuse, money laundering, child pornography and gun possession are very serious offenses. If you are caught in any of these offenses you need to consult a criminal attorney at the earliest. They will help you get the best outcome and may even help you lessen your sentence by making you understand all the complicated legal processes.

Our criminal attorneys are reliable and trustworthy since we deal only with licensed professionals who strive to maintain a clean rapport inside and out of work. We are recommended by previous clients who have hired our attorneys as we maintain a track of success record.

The attorneys can answer all your queries and keep you updated with the proceedings. We are polite and respect our clients and do our best to get them through the hard times.

If you are charged with a criminal offense or any of your loved ones have committed a crime, you can get the best San Diego criminal defense attorney from Overload Criminal Defense. We believe in rights of citizens and will make sure you get your own rightful share.